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Welcome to the Berlin underwear manufactury Onlineshop

Probably you landed here, because you were looking for unique, bio-vegan, sustainable, beautyful, colourful, high quality, inexpensive underwear for men and women, which not only suits perfectly, but also lasts and does not pass over the Jordan after three laundries. When we got told, our underwear in "indestructible", we knew, we are doing it right. You will enjoy our underwear for a long time, not only in the morning in front of your panty collection, when you think of the hot and sweet undies you are wearing right now going by train, but also when hanging them on your laundrydrier. Make your neighbours and your doctor smile with Berlin underwear.

Panty or Hotpants, Slips or Culotte, Brazilenas or Boyshort?

What about this chaos with names for underwear? The narrower ones we call Panty and the broader ones Hotpants. No matter if your behind is more the Panty, Hotpant or Tanga type, if you rather like Panties in brazilian cut or Hotpants aka Shorties, here in the best online shop for underwear you will for sure find your new favorite underwear. If you are unsure which butt type you have, just order one Panty and one Hotpant in our onlineshop for underwear and gift the panty or hotpant, which suits you less well, to your best friend. Or keep both.

You can choose between viscose and ecologic cotton, between classic and freaked out colourful undies. We got the perfect underpants for each underwear type. Our cuddly soft fabrics from natural fibres have 5% elasthane added and our underwear does not have constricting elastics. Therefore they got a soft lycra waistband, so they sit perfectly on your waist and you can renounce braces. The spandrel is always made of soft ecologic cotton.

Do you like a nice top or breastholder aka bra matching your underpants?

If you want something for above matching your new Panties or Hotpants, Berlin underwear also has tops or undershirts and soft bras, which we designed regarding your wishes. Without bow and lock, they are comfortably soft and elastic and will fit perfectly your .. body. The cups are nicely rounded and double plied, and always with ecologic cotton on the inside.

Underwear for men - Shorts and undershirts

For men to finally get some freaked out colourful, comfortable and durable underwear, we tried hard designing the mens briefs. Make your lover a nice present. He will love his new underwear set for men, consisting of a short as underpant and a great matching undershirt. From size S 4 to XL 7 we got something for everyone. He will show off his underwear combo everywhere for you. Farewell white fine rip...

From underwear for children in kidsize up to oversizes

Slowly but steady we expanded our underwear range from size XS 32 to XL 48. There is no underwear for children in the onlineshop so far, but if you write us an email or wahtsapp, we will send you a beautyful selection of photos from our current children underwear to choose from.

Berlin Underwear is sustainable and fair

We are a small underground underwear manufactury located in Berlin. This is where we design and produce your new favorite undies. Made in Germany. We make absolutely no publicity and rely completely on you and your recommendation as satisfied customer. Therefor we do all our best, so that you are and will be happy now and for a long time with your new pants form Berlin underwear.

Three cheers on sweet underwear!