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organic cotton bra, ecologic cotton

Try this cosy jersey breastholder, matching your Panties, Hotpants and Tangas.. We designed the shape of the new bra according to the wishes of our clients. Made from soft and elastic double-ply organic cotton, without bows, locks and pushups. Berlin-Underwear bras are not only sweet and sexy but also incredibly comfortable. A bit like a sports bra, but made from natural fabric and shaped cups. You can choose from a variety of designs. Classic with muted colours, bright and colourful, sweet and crazy.

Size S is circumfence below the breast 70-75 and cup A-B
Size M is circumfence below the breast 80-85 and cup B-C
Size L is circumfence below the breast 90-95 and cup C-D (hopefully, please give us feedback :-)